Open your eyes and see public art!

So often I walk around Iowa City with my head down and earphones in. I kick the pebbles and leaves in front of me and avoid crashing into the bikers and students hustling to class. Only when I approach a busy street do I make sure to look both ways, inevitably avoiding a hazardous crash.

But really though, what am I missing when I’m only looking down at the cracks and debris on the ground?

A lot.

There are countless ways in which Iowa City supports the arts and arts education. Public Art is one of those ways and boy do they ever do a good job (up for debate)! I will take you around Iowa City and show you current Public Art work and even bring you back in time to see projects that are long gone or ones that have stood the test of time. I will then ask you to provide feedback as a member of the community or just an observer of cool art.

So, please open up your eyes! Whether you call home the East Coast, West Coast, Mid-West, or the South art provides a platform for everyone to have an individual interpretation and expression. So, please share yours!

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4 Responses to Open your eyes and see public art!

  1. I’ll never understand people walking around with their eyes glued to their ipods and smart phones; it looks weird and it prevents you from seeing the real life that is around you. As far as art goes, have you seen all the painted benches throughout the downtown area? They are cool but I don’t who is painting them or why… curious if you know.

  2. carlymhurwitz says:

    Will- stay tuned for a series of posts about those painted benches!

  3. christie says:

    great blog! so important to support the local artist.

  4. dale hurwitz says:

    hey carly,

    really interesting learning all about the public art scene in iowa city. i am excited to see the pics of your approved bench design. when will you be finalizing that project? looking forward to more great articles.


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