Painted Benches…

Who gets to paint them?

Could I paint a bench? I would love to paint a bench.

Do people have to get their design approved by the city or can they paint whatever they want?

Wait where are these, I have never seen them?

When approaching my friends about “the painted benches in the pedmall” I was barraged by questions concerning them. And surprisingly, none of the four of us had any idea regarding who is involved and why they are popping up all over town. Sparkling gold banana, green aliens and a geometric interpretation of the Old Capitol are among the creative ideas painted by the artists.

For the public’s reaction you can check out this YouTube video. It provides some reactions of both students and full-time residents of Iowa City, but it doesn’t say much more than that the project was a collaboration between city government and local businesses improve downtown. The crowd has a seemingly positive attitude about the project but some seem concerned with the aesthetics of the benches new coat of paint.

Public opinion aside, I am going to investigate into the details of how this project came into existence how the artist are selected and how the design process is monitored.

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5 Responses to Painted Benches…

  1. mjwlliam says:

    I think having those painted benches in Iowa City is nothing but AWESOME. They add so much color (literally and figuratively) to the downtown area, it’s a simple way to add even more art to the already culture-filled Iowa City. I have a friend that painted one right next to the Wedge, it looks great!

  2. John Carpenter says:

    Hi, I can’t get the link in your site to work. Do you know what the problem is?

  3. I would like to hear more about this effort. I love public art. For instance, Naperville once had dragons all over the city and Madison had painted cows. When I went to Copenhagen, Denmark, there was a parade of elephants all over the city, which added a cool dimension to tourism.

  4. dariusbowie13 says:

    Heyyy Carly gurll! You did you thang with this one, on my momma lol. I wasn’t sure at first where the story was going but then I liked how you added the Youtube video in there that helped a lot. and I also like how you gave feedback on some of the best artwork in Iowa City and a link to a website where you could purchase your own. I don’t know who your teacher is but he better give you a 10/10 on this one!

  5. carlymhurwitz says:

    John- It is a YouTube video, I am not having any trouble with it, is anyone else? Check out my new post it has a slideshow similar to the link on the post.

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