Three women and a few children representing the Children’s Center for Therapy in Iowa City painted away on this breezy day. The project that encourages local people to paint public benches is called “BenchMarks.”

I spoke with one of the women painting today and she was overjoyed that over ten children could all participate in such a fun and fulfilling event. They dreamed up designs, had them approved and went to work on making it a reality.

This opportunity was provided by the Iowa City Downtown District to this organization and many other individuals who apply to participate. Those who are selected receive grant money to buy supplies from the local Blick art store.

As you wander through the pedmall you can see dozens of the painted benches each with an original design. Just today there were three benches being worked on by artists of all ages. Local townspeople were utilizing the benches for chatting, sipping coffee and studying.

Next week I will be posting an audio interview with Nicholas Arnold, the Assistant Director of the Iowa City Downtown District, to learn about the selection process, funding and how this idea became a reality.

Check out my next post for a visual collage of the street art.

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4 Responses to BenchMarks

  1. John Carpenter says:

    Check out the Daily Iowan’s article, No Place to Park, in the Friday, Sept. 21 edition. It sounds like someone will be painting more benches on “Park(ing) Day.”

  2. This is a great idea for public art. I’m interested to hear the interview about the selection process. It’s exciting that Blick supports these endeavors, I shop there often!

  3. carlymhurwitz says:

    John- that article is really cool, I wasn’t aware that IC was joining the Park(ing) day movement. Very inspiring and makes you stop and think!
    Bloggers and readers check out the article from the Daily Iowan!

  4. jccarpen says:

    Carly, One more suggestion for your blog. Some pictures of the benches being painted or of the final product would really liven it up.

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