Time to Get Personal!

I am in a class called Marketing, Promoting and Politicking Public Art. Each class we learn about public art monuments and sculptures that are all over the United States. We have spent much of our time learning about works ranging from the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial to local Iowa City works to the city of Seattle and all it has to offer in the public art realm. This class inspired me to begin this blog and also motivated me to take on a public art project of my own.

Remember the BenchMarks project I have posted about previously that is happening right now downtown Iowa City? Well, for my Fall semester final project in my Public Art class I chose to submit a design and apply to paint a bench through the Downtown District of Iowa City.

A friend in the class and I have been working towards executing our collaborative project. Together we came up with a pattern using color blocking and color gradient (not to mention color blocking is a big hit with fashion trends this year!). It is mathematically divided up into equal parts to produce squares that vary from light to dark and range from shades of peach to blue and back to a deep orange. Here is our sketch that we submitted to the city district.

Front of the bench design proposal

Back of the bench design proposal

Currently we are waiting to hear back on whether or not we can proceed with our collaboration. The next step would be to get in touch with the representative who approves our design and receive grant money to buy supplies from the local Blick art store. Then the bench painting must be completed within 5 days of your start date.

I am looking forward to hearing the results and feedback about our design. What do you all think?

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One Response to Time to Get Personal!

  1. Good luck, Carly! The design is very creative and would be a wonderful addition to the other works of public art in the Ped Mall. I look forward to hearing whether you are accepted. Way to get personal with your work and leave a mark in your study of public art. God bless your efforts!

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