Iowa City trees will “stay warm” this winter with knit sweaters

Since the beginning of October, volunteers were being asked to knit colorful sweaters for Downtown Iowa City’s trees. This undertaking is part of the Downtown District of Iowa City’s Tree Huggers Project. Nearly 100 trees have been measured in the hopes of receiving sweaters by the projects deadline of November 4.

The local store, Home Ec Workshop, 207 N Linn, provided sweater kits tailored to each trees dimensions that volunteers can pick up. Each tree will be wrapped in 5-feet of yarn. The project will cost the Downtown District about 2,000 dollars, according to an article from the OWL. Tomorrow is the deadline for all knitted sweaters to be returned to the Home Ec Workshop.

Alisa Weinstein displays a finished tree hugger Tuesday at Home Ec. Workshop. / David Scrivner / Iowa City Press-Citizen

The plan is for the sweaters to be sewn onto the trees on the 4th, where they will remain all winter. The project is another way for the individuals to get involved with their community and to liven up downtown during the dreary, grey winter. Expertise in knitting was not necessary as Home Ec offered free knitting class to anyone that wanted to participate.

The Iowa City Downtown District is a non-profit organization that aims to create programs that promote and support this city. This project was funded through contributions from property taxes assessed to properties in Downtown Iowa City and the Northside Marketplace and financial support from The University of Iowa.

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2 Responses to Iowa City trees will “stay warm” this winter with knit sweaters

  1. This is so cool! Another crazy and fun way to decorate the city. Looks like Iowa City is concerned about community involvement, which is very inspiring to see. Cannot wait to see the pictures of the sweater-clad trees.

  2. I really like this project. In Chicago, whenever I’ve seen a bike rack, tree or fire hydrant covered in yarn..I’ve heard people calling the display “yarn bombing.” There are even some artists that cover furniture in knit or crochet and make the pieces colorful works of art that appeal to creative folks who want some really unique furniture. I think it’s neat that Iowa City is doing this in an organized way!

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