BenchMarks design approved by IC Downtown District

Good news comes to those who wait!

Our Bench

Last week my roommate and I received an email from Ryan Bentzinger, a University of Iowa graduate of the Art School. He relayed the message that our bench design was approved by the Downtown District of Iowa City and we could begin the painting process.

We were told there was a $75 limit on supplies that we can pick out at Blick artstore and to just head on over and get our materials. The next step was to choose a bench.

Primed and needs 24 hrs to set

There are many still available in the PedMall so we choose one outside of two of our favorite local joints, DC’s and Fieldhouse. Then we headed over to Blick Artstore and asked for a can of primer and some brushes to prime the bench for painting.

We went there this Sunday and got the big bucket that was a “community” bucket of primer that others who have painted benches have all used. After priming we decided to go pick up our materials so we would have them for this week.

Supplies from Blick

Our list of items included:

  • 3 paint brushes
  • 1 roll of painters tape
  • 1 large bottle each of white, green, brown, blue, orange, yellow, and navy acrylic paint
  • 1 small bottle each of grey, teal, and red acrylic paint

Our design is very color focused and we will be doing some paint mixing in the next few days to prepare our colors. All things are a-go for painting this week.

Stay tuned for the finished product and after thoughts

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One Response to BenchMarks design approved by IC Downtown District

  1. Grant says:

    Congrats on getting a bench! I can’t wait to see how awesome it turns out once you’re finished

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