Iowa City is a liberal college town with an apparent love for the arts. Streets are lined with painted benches, concrete walls are converted into painted murals and the ground we walk on is imprinted with stories new and old.

My name is Carly Hurwitz and I am a senior at the University of Iowa from Deerfield, IL. I am double majoring in Journalism & Mass Communication and Studio Arts with a minor in Psychology. My time spent living, growing and learning in Iowa City has opened my eyes to the artistic ventures and opportunities this community expresses. I have a new found awareness for discovering art around me wherever I may be.

I look forward to enlightening you about the latest and greatest of Iowa City’s Public Art works through text, photo and video posts. I hope this inspiration will find you and encourage you to notice the beauty you are surrounded with!


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  1. Nancy Bird says:

    Carly, the Iowa City Downtown District is looking for a few good artists to support one of our key programs. If you or other art students are interested and public art is your thing – call me. Nancy Bird, Executive Director, ICDD

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