Bench in Progress

couldn’t have done this without the help of paper towels! seriously!

every single color is hand mixed!

working in the dark!

we will be finished by next week!

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Iowa City Downtown District inspires community creativity

The Iowa City Downtown District is heavily involved in the city’s public art ventures. Local business owners are among the committee’s members. The most recent project, Tree Huggers, yarn-bombed downtown with hand-knit sweaters for trees. 

The Iowa City Downtown District is working to beautify downtown through short and long-term projects that encourage community members to participate. Several of their committees including special events, marketing and infrastructure collaborate on creative ventures around Iowa City such as BenchMarks and Tree Huggers.

“We are cursed with ideas,” said Mark Ginsberg, owner of local jewelry shop M.C. Ginsberg and district board member.  “The effort is to show that there is an aggregate agreement to go in the same direction, all of the committees are working as a whole and the best ideas rise to the top.”

Ginsberg said the nice part about having an influx of ideas is that they attract great partners. With a large participation by the University that they had not had in the past more opportunity for promotion and awareness of projects is possible.

“There’s a community buy in too, that helps persuade underwriters to invest in projects,” Ginsberg said. “We are going after everybody that wants to participate in their community.”

Funding and Mission

The Downtown District of Iowa City is a recent name change for the organization, as prior to last January it was called the Self Supporting Municipal Improvement District. Director of the Iowa City Downtown District, Nicholas Arnold said the group is a self-funded tax district that collects tax revenue to further expand what they can do and to ultimately grow their operation.

The group is a non-profit organization funded through contributions from property taxes assessed to properties in Downtown Iowa City and the Northside Marketplace. This along with financial support from The University of Iowa allows them to undertake programs to promote and support downtown as a business, social and cultural hot spot.

“For us to have people that are continually creative…I think that’s tremendous,” Ginsberg said.

Ginsberg believes that being in this leading position is difficult because you continually need to reinvent yourself. He sees his work as the opportunity to turn people into alumni of our downtown as well as our university.

Current Projects

The special events committee is in charge of this falls most recent small group project, Tree Huggers. They also work on larger annual events such as Taste of Iowa City and Celebrate the Season among others.

“The end goal is to bring people into downtown to create an environment that makes it a fun place to be,” Ritu Jain, owner of the local business Textiles and co-hard of the special events committee said. “A project about beautification gets people invested in coming downtown to view the projects.”

Well over 100 trees are now clad in colorful hand-knit yarn sweaters due to the Tree Huggers Project. The Downtown District partnered with local business Home Ec. Workshop to bring the yarn to the knitters, while Total Tree Care sponsored the project. The tree sweaters are meant to bring a splash of color to a normally dreary season. Not only local community members of all ages, but even die-hard fans of this project sent in their tree sweaters from out-of-town.

Joni Schrup, owner of Discerning Eye and co-head of special events said she at Jain went around and measured and mapped 135 trees, which would receive custom-fit knits. She also said using social media helped to get the word out about a need for volunteers and stirred a lot of interaction.

“We posted on our Facebook page at the store and got a lot of comments,” Schrup said. “It was a mixed reaction, we did get a few naysayers.”

The colorful project was so well received that they had more knitters than trees. Jain said that up to ten knitters shared one tree so that everyone could participate.

“A lot of our customers are knitters so it was community building,” Jain said. “It was great out reach.”

Looking Forward

For the upcoming winter season a smorgasbord of projects will electrify downtown Iowa City. The city will elegantly light up, as a set decorative lighting for downtown will go up the night before Thanksgiving. Also on the list is a glass blowing presentation and Celebrate the Season, the city’s annual Christmas celebration. Ginsberg also said there is talk of expanding on the Piano Project from only four pianos to as many as 12.

“The whole board is making sure people who want to be involved are involved and those who have never been or are afraid or shy will get involved,” Ginsberg said.

With a diverse group of people with different strengths anything is possible. Jain said the energy the group generates off of each other is amazing and she thoroughly enjoys her work.

“I grew up in this town and seeing the heart of the city thrive is fantastic,” Jain said.


Check out this Audio Slideshow of the colorful new downtown scene 


Iowa City’s current public art budget insubstantial 

In 1998, the Public Art Advisory Committee developed the policies and procedures for commissioning, procurement and maintenance of public art projects. At the start, $100,000 was set aside per fiscal year for public art. This budget lasted through 2003 when a large cut was made.

According to Marcia Bollinger, Neighborhood Services Coordinator, this first reduction to $50,000 was somewhat forecasted as the prior figure was intended to kick start the program.

During the fiscal year 2010, Iowa City experienced significant budget shortfalls and so it was reduced to $14,750. Today, the public art budget is a low $2,750, which only covers maintenance costs.

Bollinger also stated that policy makers do not consider public art an essential program particularly when other services such as police and fire cannot be adequately funded.

Google Fusion Charts: City of Iowa City, Expenditures Fiscal Year 2013, comparison of Culture and Recreation and Community and Economic Development Budgets.

*According to Kevin O’Malley, Finance Director, public art is included under the Community and Economic Development umbrella.

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Art on Campus: The University of Iowa

Through the Art in State Buildings Program, The University of Iowa has acquired an impressive collection of public art, distributed throughout the campus buildings indoor and outdoor spaces. This program ensures that fine arts play an important role in state constructed buildings.

According to Facilities Management at the University of Iowa, “The requirement states that one-half of one percent of a project’s total cost shall be expended for the acquisition, preparation, and installation of fine arts elements in and around state buildings in areas regularly accessible to the general public.” This ensures the collaboration between artists, builders, and local residents to share in the production, installation and experience of fine art.

Check out a Google Fusion Map that documents several campus buildings, including the artist, date and title of the public works installed there. Click on the red balloons to learn more and see photographs.

Source Credits: Facilities Management: The University of Iowa; Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs: Iowa Arts Council

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BenchMarks design approved by IC Downtown District

Good news comes to those who wait!

Our Bench

Last week my roommate and I received an email from Ryan Bentzinger, a University of Iowa graduate of the Art School. He relayed the message that our bench design was approved by the Downtown District of Iowa City and we could begin the painting process.

We were told there was a $75 limit on supplies that we can pick out at Blick artstore and to just head on over and get our materials. The next step was to choose a bench.

Primed and needs 24 hrs to set

There are many still available in the PedMall so we choose one outside of two of our favorite local joints, DC’s and Fieldhouse. Then we headed over to Blick Artstore and asked for a can of primer and some brushes to prime the bench for painting.

We went there this Sunday and got the big bucket that was a “community” bucket of primer that others who have painted benches have all used. After priming we decided to go pick up our materials so we would have them for this week.

Supplies from Blick

Our list of items included:

  • 3 paint brushes
  • 1 roll of painters tape
  • 1 large bottle each of white, green, brown, blue, orange, yellow, and navy acrylic paint
  • 1 small bottle each of grey, teal, and red acrylic paint

Our design is very color focused and we will be doing some paint mixing in the next few days to prepare our colors. All things are a-go for painting this week.

Stay tuned for the finished product and after thoughts

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Iowa City trees will “stay warm” this winter with knit sweaters

Since the beginning of October, volunteers were being asked to knit colorful sweaters for Downtown Iowa City’s trees. This undertaking is part of the Downtown District of Iowa City’s Tree Huggers Project. Nearly 100 trees have been measured in the hopes of receiving sweaters by the projects deadline of November 4.

The local store, Home Ec Workshop, 207 N Linn, provided sweater kits tailored to each trees dimensions that volunteers can pick up. Each tree will be wrapped in 5-feet of yarn. The project will cost the Downtown District about 2,000 dollars, according to an article from the OWL. Tomorrow is the deadline for all knitted sweaters to be returned to the Home Ec Workshop.

Alisa Weinstein displays a finished tree hugger Tuesday at Home Ec. Workshop. / David Scrivner / Iowa City Press-Citizen

The plan is for the sweaters to be sewn onto the trees on the 4th, where they will remain all winter. The project is another way for the individuals to get involved with their community and to liven up downtown during the dreary, grey winter. Expertise in knitting was not necessary as Home Ec offered free knitting class to anyone that wanted to participate.

The Iowa City Downtown District is a non-profit organization that aims to create programs that promote and support this city. This project was funded through contributions from property taxes assessed to properties in Downtown Iowa City and the Northside Marketplace and financial support from The University of Iowa.

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WiP Festival provides a forum for artists to present works-in-progress

Works-in-Progress (WiP) is a local interdisciplinary festival that showcases incomplete creative projects by artists and scholars. Venues for the festival include Public Space One, Walnut Farms and the Iowa City Public Library. One of  several “Artists Panels” that took place throughout the weekend is profiled in this video. Artist Gabby McNally invites the audience to actively participate in her work by sharing their fears. Charles Woodard, film enthusiast, explores the gap between still and moving images.

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Downtown Public Art Projects

Here is a little history about Iowa City’s Public Art Program and what they have offered this community in terms of the arts since the beginning. The Public Art Program was established in 1997 by the Iowa City City Council.

The Public Art Advisory Committee was also established to oversee the operations of the Public Art program and advise the City Council. They worked to identify potential sites that would be enhanced by the addition of public art and also recommended various pieces of artwork for those sites.

In 1997, the Public Art Program focused its attention on the downtown area, primarily on the pedestrian mall. Here is a look at some of the works in the main area of downtown.

Untitled mural on the corner of Dubuque and Iowa Avenue Anne Ullerich – 2001

Dorothy Justine Zimmer – 2001

Irving Weber (intersection of Iowa and Dubuque) Steve and Doris Park – 2003

The Weatherdance Fountain Myklbust-Sears – 1999

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