What’s black and white and touches the sky?

Next week I will be posting a feature story on one of Iowa City’s newest and largest (literally) art projects. It is tucked away behind the Bread Garden Market, on the North wall of the Dubuque St. parking ramp. This art piece extends from the ground up several stories in the air. It is done purely in black and white. Any guesses to what type of work it is?

I will say that two of Iowa City’s biggest contributors to the arts, Bobby Jett and Marc Moen, the owners/operators of the Moen Group in Iowa City, support the work that was done by the artist Eliezer (Ely) Antonio Sotillo Rodriguez.  The work is called “Solidarity”.

Fun Fact

This work of art was designed in part for the guests and residents of the elegant and metropolitan Hotel Vetro  located on Linn St. and College St. in the ped-mall downtown Iowa City. Guests and apartment owners previously had a view of stark grey concrete before this artwork was completed in the last few months. But, it is also to be enjoyed by passerby’s!


Here is a photograph teaser of the black and white beauty. Stay tuned for the feature story about the work, including more photographs.

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